Teacher Projects

Scribblitt sparks creativity and drives interest in literacy, complimenting your curriculum in
language arts for poetry, personal narratives, creative writing, graphic novel study or biograhies,
in world language for biliingual books, or research projects in social studies, and science.
Students can create a hardcover book, softcover comic or collaborate on a project. They can
upload photos, art or use Illustrate itt creations. Stories are shared with you electronically for
editing and ordering. You place the class order and books are delivered in 2 weeks within the US,
3 weeks internationally. Questions? Email contact@scribblitt.com

Hardcover book - 8x8”,
20 pages, $24.99 + shipping.
Extra pages $0.50 each.

Softcover comic - 6x9”,
24 pages, $16.99 + shipping.
Extra pages $0.50 each.

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