My wife, my son, and I all took a look at Scribblitt. The idea behind the Scribblit site is wonderful: Using the internet, the author (a child in most cases) is able to both write a story and create somewhat custom graphics to mix into a short story book. Let me say to start off that when we got our book it looked great. You don’t find hardback books very often any more, and it was a very nice end product.

The challenging points of the Scribblitt system were that you can lose your work if you change a page and don’t remember to hit save before leaving. The text size for entering your story and the final text box don’t flow the same. If your final preview doesn’t work the way you want, you will find a heavy amount of back and forth work to get it right between edit and preview. There is a limited number of illustrations available on the site, so this might limit the topics on which you can write your stories.

The positive sides of the site were again a wonderful end product. The book quality and paper are very impressive. Scribblitt has decent spell checking which is a feature something like this should have. Lastly, the preview feature is easy to find.

Some features available for use when creating a book:

  • Story Starters help kids with story ideas.
  • A planning tool walks kids through the writing process.
  • Other tools help improve elements of writing.
  • A unique pick & click illustration tool facilitates professional illustrations or you can upload your own images.

The finished book doesn’t appear to be something for high schoolers to create to be read by another high schooler. If an older student is using the program, he might want to use this to create a story for younger siblings. We would love to have seen an option to create an eBook version also. With everything said, we think many people will enjoy Scribblitt if they are patient and make sure they preview everything before creating a print version or sharing the content for others to look at. (Of course this should be the habit of any author.)