My 8-year-old daughter, when sitting at the computer, couldn't think of a thing to write. "Writer's block!" she exclaimed.

Being the youngest of the family, she feels at a disadvantage because she can't type as quickly using the correct fingers, she can't spell all the words she wants to use, and she can't seem to get the words on paper as quickly as they appear in her head. It's no wonder. She talks non-stop! "It's like an itch," she explains. "Once I start, I just can't stop!" 

Yet, she woke up this morning recounting the details of her dream where she went sky-diving, landed in the water on the backs of dolphins and waterskiied to land where the crowd was cheering her name!

What a great idea for a story!

Yesterday, she couldn't contain her excitement about the fact that at gymnastics class she was the first one to finally achieve the difficult front hip circle on the uneven bars - that, after just perfecting her back handspring!

What a great idea for a story!

Sometimes our thoughts can overwhelm us and we need help organizing them into a structure that can be used to write a story. Research shows that reading helps develop your writing skills, but writing helps develop our cognitive growth, organizational skills, and the power to influence others through persuasion. 

So, with all that I know she has to say, we will sit down today together, get all those thoughts out on paper, use some helpful writing tools to structure her story and begin.